PPD Payout 1.2 for Sexpector Carl Holmes

After fighting a former Philadelphia Police Detective, Michele Vandergrift tooth and nail, the City of Philadelphia Vandergrift-Settlement-Agreementcase against the Police Department and Chief Inspector Carl Holmes for $1,250,000.

Holmes has been accused of being a serial sexual predator but a number of women.  Vandergrift alleged she was sexually assaulted by Holmes by Chief Inspector Holmes and experienced a hostile work environment by other officers.

Vandegrift further alleged in the complaint that Holmes “wanted to know how wet she was” and that he inserted his finger into her vagina.  The complaint also alleges that he pulled his hand out, tasted his finger, and remarked “it tasted good”.  This allegedly happened in his office while they were both working.  The complaint then goes on to name 24th District officers and Southwest Detectives, both places where Vandegrift worked, who engaged in highly inappropriate, and in some cases, criminal sexual behavior.

The complaint is a salacious and disgusting account of what became a nightmare for Michele Vandegrift.  Read Complaint Here

Holmes has been accused of misconduct on numerous occasions.  Former Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey demoted him in 2008 after Holmes admitted he had concensual sex in a police vehicle.  The problem in that case was another officer claimed that Holmes attempted to rape her in the car. As a result of the investigation into this complaint, Holmes city car was impounded and forensic evidence found “seminal stains containing spermatozoa”.   The departments’ Internal Affairs Department made no attempt to locate or even name this “civilian” employee, to ensure her safety, or that “consensual” sex even took place.

Officer Christina Hayburn, alleged that Holmes sexually assaulted her in 2006.  The suit states that in Holmes chased Hayburn as she was trying to leave a bar, pulled her into his vehicle and “began kissing her “really hard” as he touched her breasts and put his hands on the outside of her pants toward her genitals.”  It should be noted that Carl Holmes is a 6-foot-6, 280-pound former offensive tackle for Temple University.  One can easily see how this imposing figure would have no problem overpowering a woman.  Account of Officer Hayburn’s incident here.

The suit further alleges that during this encounter, Holmes “digitally penetrated her vagina, after which he pulled out his penis and placed Officer Hayburn’s hand on top of it”.  Hayburn stated she said “No”, after he attempted to have intercourse and oral sex, but that Holmes “eventually ejaculated”

Holmes was never charged with a crime, despite the allegations that he “digitally penetrated” one of his victims.  In fact, the case was allegedly never turned over to the District Attorney’s Office for charges.

Vandegrift has agreed to resign from the Department as part of the settlement and will not work for other law enforcement agencies of the City.  The City will not provide any negative references for future employers about Vandegrift.

The monetary award according to the settlement will be $750,000 directly to Vandegrift in back pay and $500,000 will go to her attorneys.

Chief Inspector Carl Holmes is currently assigned to the Regional Operations Command-North.  A position in which he can still carry on his lecherous behavior upon other officers.

The problem that is systemic when there is a power structure, as we have seen with the recent resignations of Al Franken (D) of Minnesota, Rep. Trent Franks (R) of Arizona and Rep. John Conyers (D) of Michigan.  Not to mention the avalanche that began with Harvey Weinstein, Head Hollywood Pervert.

Carl Holmes should be held accountable for his actions.  Sex scandals have bought down greater men than Carl Holmes.  This forum has written about many other bad actors within the department which also resulted in payouts.  Those Commanders are currently in positions where they interact with possible future victims.

Policy changes have alleged occurred as a result of the large payout.







Racist Cop Alert: Robert Pawlowski, PPD

In our new segment:  Racist Cop Alert, we would like to introduce you to Corporal Robert Pawlowski.  This isn’t his first time at the rodeo.  He has done it again.  This time, with fine, upstanding Officers who had the intestinal fortitude to do the right thing and turn in this ignorant moron.  And the last statement isn’t based simply on his ogre looks.

Corporal Pawlowski, who is the half-brother of a hero who was killed in action, Officer John Pawlowski on February 13, 2009.  Officer Shot In Olney  Or, more precisely defined as the half-wit, half-ton, half-brother of the hero cop.

Corporal Pawlowski, as had been previously known to cops who worked with him in his previous assignments, was presented with disciplinary action for referring to black officers as “Niggers”.  He made numerous racist and offense remarks to other officers at the FOP lounge in Northeast Philadelphia.

Corporal Pawlowski, who was not drunk at the time, according to the numerous witnesses, repeatedly told several other hero officers, (they’re heroes because they had the temerity to report the racist offensive behavior); “you can’t trust them”, referring to Blacks in general, and Officer Charles Manson (not kidding, real cop, real name) in particular, who is partners with one of the Officers Pawlowski was aiming his ignorant rhetoric.

Corporal Pawlowski went further, calling the Commanding Officer of the 18th District, who is also African-American, a “banana eating monkey”.  Nice.

The saddest part of this story is that he was going from group to group of officers, some of whom he instructed when he was an Instructor in Police Academy.  These cops had a serious ethical dilemma.  And fortunately, to their credit, they made the right choice.

The hero cops in this incident was Officer Raymond Finizio, Officer Christopher Swinarski and Officer Charles Manson.  Hopefully, these Whistleblowers’ won’t suffer the retaliation and retribution that is so common.

Even when asked by this bigoted Baby Huey, “why are you over there with them”, these cops stood their ground.  You can be assured, this blog will be sent to every defense attorney and civil rights attorney in the tri-state area, should this idiot is ever involved in a shooting, or has to testify.

It is only hoped, the intelligent people in the Philadelphia Police Department, has the intelligence, to drop-kick his racist butt, out of the Criminal Intelligence Unit, at the least, and terminated at the most.  If a cop can be charged criminally, for arguing off-duty at a steak shop, (and this author believe he should not have); Cop Fired For Hurling Racist Slurs  this guy should be FIRED.

It will also be pretty interesting to see how the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5 handles this matter.  Since he’s very much involved with the FOP.

I bet if he saw the 18th District Captain, face to face, his only response would be “Hi Boss, you need anything”?



Ex-Cop in Gun Scandal Arrested: Lt commits Suicide

Former Police Officer Anthony Magsam is currently in custody for his role in the theft of multiple items from the Firearms Identification Unit.  Lt. Vincent Testa apparently killed himself when he learned he would be arrested.  This after no internal discipline from the Philadelphia Police Department.

Several years ago, a very brave Sergeant, reported to Internal Affairs that he believed Officer Magsam had stolen numerous gun parts from the FIU inventory.  Cop CoverUp Gun Theft

That Sergeant, Sgt. Andrew Little, was punished for being honest.  Sgt. Little was punished for reporting corruption as sworn officers should do, regardless of the perpetrator.

In a federal lawsuit filed by Sgt. Little and the Internal Affairs investigator, who was also silenced, Lt. Leonard Logan, they allege that since Officer Magsam is the son of Sgt. Barbara Feeney and a retired Police Chief Inspector, they were punished.  This is what happens to whistleblowers. Whistleblower Lawsuit Police Officials Cover Up

Officer Magsam resigned after a warrant was served on his home and 51 guns was recovered.  Yet, no internal charges against Magsam or Testa by the police department, ever occurred.  Testa went as far as to threaten Sgt Little and according to the lawsuit, Testa “mass shipped” unexamined firearms to the evidence room in City Hall.  This allowed Magsam to commit the theft.

The FBI and US Attorney’s Office was also notified of theft from multiple sources, who each started their independent investigations.

The suite says that multiple police officials “entered into an agreement to silence Little and Logan” for reporting the problems to the Feds.

It is a good day for the Police Department when heroes like Little and Logan stand up for what is right.  It is sad that so many others are afraid to speak up.

Testa decided he would remain defiant by taking his own life.  Yet no fund raisers, no party and no celebration for two heroes:  Andrew Little and Leonard Logan.