Racist Cop Alert: Robert Pawlowski, PPD

In our new segment:  Racist Cop Alert, we would like to introduce you to Corporal Robert Pawlowski.  This isn’t his first time at the rodeo.  He has done it again.  This time, with fine, upstanding Officers who had the intestinal fortitude to do the right thing and turn in this ignorant moron.  And the last statement isn’t based simply on his ogre looks.

Corporal Pawlowski, who is the half-brother of a hero who was killed in action, Officer John Pawlowski on February 13, 2009.  Officer Shot In Olney  Or, more precisely defined as the half-wit, half-ton, half-brother of the hero cop.

Corporal Pawlowski, as had been previously known to cops who worked with him in his previous assignments, was presented with disciplinary action for referring to black officers as “Niggers”.  He made numerous racist and offense remarks to other officers at the FOP lounge in Northeast Philadelphia.

Corporal Pawlowski, who was not drunk at the time, according to the numerous witnesses, repeatedly told several other hero officers, (they’re heroes because they had the temerity to report the racist offensive behavior); “you can’t trust them”, referring to Blacks in general, and Officer Charles Manson (not kidding, real cop, real name) in particular, who is partners with one of the Officers Pawlowski was aiming his ignorant rhetoric.

Corporal Pawlowski went further, calling the Commanding Officer of the 18th District, who is also African-American, a “banana eating monkey”.  Nice.

The saddest part of this story is that he was going from group to group of officers, some of whom he instructed when he was an Instructor in Police Academy.  These cops had a serious ethical dilemma.  And fortunately, to their credit, they made the right choice.

The hero cops in this incident was Officer Raymond Finizio, Officer Christopher Swinarski and Officer Charles Manson.  Hopefully, these Whistleblowers’ won’t suffer the retaliation and retribution that is so common.

Even when asked by this bigoted Baby Huey, “why are you over there with them”, these cops stood their ground.  You can be assured, this blog will be sent to every defense attorney and civil rights attorney in the tri-state area, should this idiot is ever involved in a shooting, or has to testify.

It is only hoped, the intelligent people in the Philadelphia Police Department, has the intelligence, to drop-kick his racist butt, out of the Criminal Intelligence Unit, at the least, and terminated at the most.  If a cop can be charged criminally, for arguing off-duty at a steak shop, (and this author believe he should not have); Cop Fired For Hurling Racist Slurs  this guy should be FIRED.

It will also be pretty interesting to see how the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5 handles this matter.  Since he’s very much involved with the FOP.

I bet if he saw the 18th District Captain, face to face, his only response would be “Hi Boss, you need anything”?




One thought on “Racist Cop Alert: Robert Pawlowski, PPD

  1. I doubt that Robert Pawlowski realizes that his brother John would highly disapprove of his disgraceful conduct. Did John die a horrible, agonizing, heroic death so that Robert could spread hatred and hostility towards all blacks, even the many honorable officers in his own department?


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